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Sailing in Florida on Gulf Coast Making Jump: Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle

Liveaboard Sailing

Preparing for the liveaboard sailing lifestyle is first a mental transition! Where do you start when your goal becomes leaving land for life aboard a sailboat?  For us, preparing for the transition began when we first heard the call of the sea. We decided there is no other place on earth we would rather be than cradled in the waves of the ocean.


The idea of waiting until we were of "retirement age" simply would not do! After living blocks from the ocean and spending every free moment at the beach watching sunrises, lightning storms, and playing in the sand with our kids, we could not imagine living anywhere else!



Time Waits for No Man- or Woman!

Sailboat dock on lake in central Florida Making Jump: Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle

Making the Jump: Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle

As they say, all good things must come to an end. Leaving the ocean became a necessity. Part of our decision to move away from the beach was to provide the children with a more family-oriented location away from traffic congestion and zero-lot lines.


We relocated to a more central area of Florida. As  expected, we suffered withdraw, missing our daily tidal visits. But we had no idea of the extent to which we would suffer! The pangs of longing stemming from a separation far too abrupt could not be eased with infrequent visits to different beaches, now at least an hour away.

Still, many years passed. Almost ten years of birthdays, band practices, and book reports later, we were ready to consider taking some time off to sail with our children before they graduated. No longer did we have the luxury to wait. Soon enough the kids would no longer have the time, or inclination, to live aboard a cramped sailboat. We wanted them to experience traveling with their parents as the wind blows, without needing to follow a schedule.


Preparing for Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle

Sailing in Florida on Gulf Coast Making Jump: Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle

Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle

We decided to take an inventory of where our lives were headed. We thought about whether our paths moved us in the direction we wanted to travel.

Did we want to play it safe or did we want to live, really live?

Could we even manage co-existing within the space limitations required of those seeking to make the jump to the liveaboard lifestyle, knowing we would be giving up the acres of space we now have?

Fortunately, we have some things already on our side: David is a mechanic by trade, I am a teacher, and we have grit, or fearlessness, whatever you want to call it! Having remodeled several "handyman special" houses, we weren't afraid to buy a sailboat that needed work, as long as it was the type of work we could do ourselves, or learn to do. Research is our forte, so we utilized websites, blogs, vlogs, forums, sailing magazines, and books to learn all we could, before we would even think about actually purchasing a sailboat.

We discovered an endless amount of pros and cons for the many sailboats available, the biggest con of course being price. That alone would not stop us although the process seemed to take forever. Before we knew it, we were the proud owners of the right sailboat for us, at the right price. But more about that in the next post!

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    Sunset at Anchor
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    St. John's River
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    Marina in Jacksonville
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