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Danger! Earthquakes- Seymour Simon- Quiz

 Dan­ger! Earth­quakes Dan­ger! Earth­quakes is a short non-fic­­tion book by Sey­mour Simon. Stu­dents learn about the caus­es of earth­quakes, equip­ment used to mea­sure the earth­quakes, and what to do if you are ever in an earth­quake. Dan­ger! Earth­quakes was an anchor text for our 2nd graders. They enjoyed read­ing it and con­nect­ing it to “Earth …

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Main Idea and Details_ 2nd Grade https:/www.toseaornottosee.com

Mastering Main Idea and Details

Mas­ter­ing Main Idea and Details Stu­dents strug­gle to mas­ter main idea and details, but it helps to intro­duce the skill in a vari­ety of mean­ing­ful ways that includes chart­ing exist­ing texts and writ­ing their own. I have taught both ele­men­tary and high school stu­dents and I know their mas­tery of main idea and details doesn’t …

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7 Day Self-Improvement Challenge: Week 3

Week 3- Three Chal­lenges I can’t believe I am already on week 3 of the 7 Day Self-Improve­­ment Chal­lenge. Some­thing amaz­ing has hap­pened. I have con­nect­ed to what­ev­er you call that force (God, the Uni­verse, fate) that helps you on your path once you start walk­ing it. I can’t wait to share how cool this …

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Personalized Learning Part 2: Case Study Update

  Per­son­al­ized Learn­ing Part 2: Case Study Update My first day work­ing with this 2nd grade learn­ing dis­abled stu­dent, we’ll call John, I real­ized I would have to go back to the draw­ing board. I need­ed  to revise the per­son­al­ized learn­ing plan for math I had made for him. Some parts would have to be …

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Free Artists Reference Photos: Puppies

Free Artists Ref­er­ence Pho­tos: Pup­pies (Sub­ject) Here are some adorable pup­py ref­er­ence pho­tos for you to use for your art­work. Please attribute my site at www.toseaornottosee.com Check out my lat­est draw­ing chal­lenge: 7 Dogs in 7 Days For the rest of the this year, I have com­mit­ted to a new 7 Day Chal­lenge every week. …

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