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Planning Our First Sailing Trip as Newbies

We bought a boat! Then, we bought another one. Very unorthodox, right? So, we have two thirty-six foot sailboats and zero sailing experience. Not bad for sailing newbies! We’ve gotten over the first hurdle (buying a boat) twice. Our first sailboat, a ketch-rigged Allied Princess needs bottom paint, a motor, […]

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5 Productivity Tips for Students http://toseaornottosee.com

5 Productivity Tips for Students

5 Productivity Tips for Students Time management can be tough at any age. How do we get our kids to start establishing good productivity habits? Keep reading for practical advice from a teacher on how to motivate your kids to manage their time and get more done! As a high […]

Homeschool Opportunities 3

Homeschool Opportunities   Homeschool Co-ops I have discovered, while researching homeschool ideas that will work for my family, an idea called homeschool co-ops, opportunities for families to supplement their children’s studies with gatherings for playdates, music lessons, field trips, etc. based on location, children’s ages, etc. One such site, Lake (Fl) […]


A Journey of a Thousand Steps www.toseaornottosee.com

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins Now!   According to Lao Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Well, we have been in a holding pattern waiting for that first step- getting our sailboat on the hard. For over a month, the promise of next Tuesday […]

Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle: Where to Begin

Liveaboard Sailing- Let the journey begin! Where do you start when your goal becomes making the jump to the liveaboard sailboat lifestyle?  For us, it began when we first heard the call of the sea. We decided there is no other place on earth we would rather be than cradled in […]

Sailing in Florida on Gulf Coast Making Jump: Liveaboard Sailing Lifestyle