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Liveaboard Lifestyle

What is the Liveaboard Lifestyle?

When you make the deci­sion to uproot from a tra­di­tion­al lifestyle, i.e. liv­ing in a house, apart­ment, or oth­er land dwelling, in favor of resid­ing on a sail­boat, there are many qual­i­ty of life issues that need to be resolved.

Getting Ready

Tybee Island BeachIn prepa­ra­tion for our tran­si­tion to a live­aboard, we have lumped our tasks into four major focus areas:

-edu­cat­ing our chil­dren (find­ing alter­na­tives to tra­di­ton­al school while sail­ing)

-pro­vi­sion­ing (stock­ing sup­plies that can be pre­served with lim­it­ed refrig­er­a­tion needs, as well as prepar­ing bal­anced meals)

-ener­gy sources (adding solar and wind pow­er)

-trip sus­tain­abil­i­ty (cre­at­ing an income stream we could use while sail­ing, such as rental income)

As we learn, we will be updating this site with videos, websites, and other resources we have found to be the most beneficial in helping us reach our goals. Please SUBSCRIBE below to follow our journey or CONTACT US. We’d love to hear from you.

Click here to see the first images of our sailboat.


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